What Are Russian Lips?

Russian lips

If you keep track of the latest beauty trends, you must be aware of the hottest Russian lips trend. This is the latest technique added to the list of cosmetic procedures that gained massive popularity for giving a perfectly crafted baby-doll look. If you want to learn about what are Russian lips, here’s everything you need to know:

What Are Russian Lips?

Russian Lips are a lip filler technique that aims to shape your lips into a more subtle heart shape to provide more volume and plumpness near the center like a Russian doll. Russian lips look very different from the traditional lip fillers as it gives a flatter and wider look to your lips. This technique adds volume to the lips without the worry of filler migration that often leads to the trout pout or duck pout look.

What Are Russian Lips Technique?

Modeled after the uniquely shaped lips of Russian nesting dolls, the Russian lips technique involves injecting lip fillers in a vertical shape to add height to the lip. The filler focuses in the center of the lips while the sides remain in line with your face. The material used in Russian lips is the same as the standard lip fillers, but the technique used to inject the filler is different. This technique gives you a Bratz-doll look by accentuating your cupid’s bow to form a subtle heart shape.

If you’ve had standard lip fillers previously, you will need to dissolve them approximately two weeks before getting Russian lips. It ensures that the injected product is exclusively focused in the center of the lips and does not migrate to the sides.

Traditional Lip Filler Vs. Russian Lips

The difference between Russian lips and traditional lip fillers is the technique used to inject the filler into the lips. Traditional lip fillers are injected horizontally into the lips, which results in a uniformly spread volume that gives a fuller effect.

On the other hand, the Russian lips technique involves injecting smaller filler amounts vertically into the lips and dragging them upwards from the base to the top while focusing on the center. This way, filler adds height to your lips and gives a flatter look on the sides. This technique focuses on adding more height than volume to the lips.

Another difference is that Russian lips typically take more time than standard lip fillers due to the precision and increased product usage required to achieve a heart-shaped look. While most people feel that both the techniques hurt minimal, Russian lips may result in additional swelling and bruising after the treatment, which fades away in a week or two.

How Long Do Russian Lips Last?

The procedure takes anywhere between thirty minutes and one hour. The life of Russian lips is generally almost the same as lifespan of standard lip fillers, between nine and twelve months. However, you can get regular top-ups every three to six months.

If you want to increase your lip height and get a plumper lip lift effect without worrying about the duck pout, Russian lips are the perfect technique for you. Russian lips are a bit more expensive than standard fillers as they require more product and precision, so consider the total costs before getting Russian lips.

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