How much do lip fillers cost?

As one of the most well-known non-invasive cosmetic treatments, lip filler injections don’t come cheap. Based on what your desired results are, the price of fillers for lips can range between $400 and $2000. 

For example, while Belotero is around $500, Juvederm Ultra Plus can cost $600, and Restylane Kysse can go up to $750.

 If you have very thin lips and you expect outstanding results, then you may need to get more than one syringe. Therefore, the cost can go up to $2000. When doing your research to find the best lip fillers near you, check if they provide promotions for new patients. 

Most medical spas and beauty clinics would gladly provide you with one-time discounts if it’s your first time with them. Normally such promotions vary between $20 to $100.

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