The Hottest Celebs Who Got Hair Transplant

Celeb hair transplant

The Hottest Male Celebs Who Got Hair Transplant


Hair loss used to be something that many men dreaded but couldn’t do much about. The only solution for baldness in the past was a razor and a hat, regardless of whether it was a receding hairline, a bald spot at the crown, or overall thinning.

But did you know that more and more male celebrities nowadays are seeking the assistance of doctors to help them return their hair to its original splendor?

If you’re curious to find out about some male celebs who got a hair transplant, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’re sharing that it’s totally normal (and trendy!) to reap the various hair transplant benefits!

Wayne Rooney

First, we’re going to mention Wayne Rooney. Rooney, a star with Manchester United, received a hair transplant procedure in 2011.

After struggling with hair loss, Rooney made a Tweet along with a picture of his scalp and the caption: “Just to make sure everyone knows, yes, I underwent a hair transplant. Why not, I was already balding at age 25. I’m thrilled with the outcome. When it calms down, you will be the first to notice that it is still a little bruised and swollen. Anyone have a decent hair gel recommendation?”

Jake Quickenden

Did you know that the famous Jake Quickenden also underwent the hair transplant process?

Jake Quickenden, a former X Factor contestant, posted a painful-looking selfie of his bleeding hairline on Instagram in 2017. He promised his fans that the “swelling and redness” would subside in a week.

“I’ve fixed my hairline after years of insecurities, just in case someone sees me and believes I’m Frankenstein,” Jake wrote. For more on cosmetic procedures, click here!

Louis Walsh

Louis Walsh is another celebrity that has gotten hair transplant treatment. He did it to address his thinning hair, which was a big insecurity for the X-Factor judge.

At first, he was really honest about the process, playfully saying: “Gary needs to get it next, I keep reminding him. On the show, I frequently catch him staring at my hair. I’m providing Gary the number in the hopes that he can find a solution for the bald spot on the back of his head.”

Joe Swash

Next up is Joe Swash! The former Eastenders actor has acknowledged that early in his career, under the pressure to appear attractive on film, he underwent a hair transplant.

“I did it for my own benefit and because I wanted to feel better. I was on television, so it might have played a role “says he. “I wanted to look my best because of the nature of my job—being on TV—which is maybe not the ideal way to do it. Depends on how you personally feel.”

Calum Best

Calum Best is another one of the many male celebs with hair transplants. Before participating in Celebrity Big Brother in 2015, the reality personality received a hair transplant. The three operations without a doubt altered my life.

“When he gets older, no man wants to be bald,” he added. “Since I was in my early 20s, I had been balding. Nature intended for me to have uneven, sparse hair on top of my scalp.”

These Are Some Male Celebs Who Got a Hair Transplant

Unfortunately, hair loss is a frustrating issue to deal with, especially if you’re a younger male. However, a hair transplant is an effective way to restore your head of hair to its lush, beautiful potential. Now that you’re aware of these male celebs who got a hair transplant, you won’t have to feel insecure about looking into it.

Now, do you have some cosmetic procedure concerns? Check out this page to get the answers you’re searching for.

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