What Is 360 Liposuction? Your Complete Guide

360 liposuction

Aesthetic body procedures such as liposuction have increased by 63% since 2020. More and more people are going under the knife to get rid of stubborn fat. Have you been considering liposuction for yourself?

Instead of typical liposuction, why not opt for 360 liposuction?

What is 360 liposuction? Let’s talk about it! Read on to learn all about this fat removal procedure so you can decide if it’s right for you.

What Is 360 Liposuction?

360 liposuction (often referred to as 360 lipo or lipo 360) is an innovative type of liposuction that improves upon the original procedure by taking an all-around approach instead of targeting one specific area of the body (hence the “360” label).

360 liposuction uses the same techniques as traditional liposuction, but it’s able to yield better and more even results after only one procedure. It doesn’t just remove fat; it shapes the midsection.

During a lipo 360 procedure, the surgeon can remove fat in the abdomen, hips, back, and waist all at once.

What Are the Benefits of 360 Lipo?

So why would someone opt to get 360 liposuction?

People who have stubborn pockets of fat that won’t go away through conventional weight loss methods love lipo 360.

Traditional liposuction often targets too small of an area for the average person. The surgeon may only focus on the front of the abdomen, or just on the sides. While this will have a positive impact, it can leave the patient looking unbalanced and it doesn’t give the surgeon the opportunity to truly sculpt the patient’s body.

With lipo 360, the surgeon is able to make a plan and address the patient’s body as a whole. This ensures that the results are always even and balanced. These results look far more natural than the results from standard liposuction.

This also means that the patient is able to get the results that they want after only one procedure.

Who Is a Good Candidate for 360 Lipo?

Anyone who would be a good candidate for traditional liposuction is also a good candidate for 360 liposuction.

People who seek liposuction of any kind should be at or near their weight loss goal. Lipo 360 is not a weight loss procedure. It’s for removing stubborn pockets of fat after a patient has reached a healthy weight.

People seeking lipo 360 should have a BMI of under 42 (in most cases). They should also be in good general health.

Lipo 360 Healing and Recovery

So what can you expect from your lipo 360 recovery process?

After the procedure, it’s normal to experience soreness, swelling, and bruising. Most people only need a few days of downtime before they’re able to return to their normal activities, but your surgeon will likely recommend that you avoid strenuous activities (such as vigorous exercise).

Because of the swelling, you may not see your final results for several months. Don’t panic! During your follow-up appointments, your surgeon will track your results to make sure that you’re healing as planned.

Is 360 Liposuction Right for You?

So what is 360 liposuction? It’s an innovative spin on the traditional liposuction procedure that allows surgeons to truly sculpt the bodies of their patients and give them the natural-looking results that they desire.

It’s a great fat loss solution for anyone who’s worked hard on losing weight but still has some stubborn fat left behind. Is it right for you?

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